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Harry Potter & the Sacred Text is the flagship podcast of Not Sorry Productions. With over 16 million downloads and four seasons and counting, Harry Potter and the Sacred Text allows listeners to find meaning through a secular text that they love. 

Vanessa Zoltan, founder and CEO of Not Sorry Productions, co-hosts each episode with Casper ter Kuile, where they go chapter by chapter through the Harry Potter series. 


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Hot & Bothered is the latest podcast from Not Sorry Productions, to be released in 2019. With guests including Julia Quinn, Beverly Jenkins, and Alyssa Cole, Vanessa Zoltan interviews her friends as they embark on the process of writing their very first Romance novel. 

Through writing and friendship, this podcast seeks to explore what imagining Happily Ever After means, and how writing can help people explore what is sacred in their lives. 


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Common Ground pilgrimages integrate reading, walking, and chaplaincy so participants can make space for wisdom and meaning in their lives. In 2018, we have gone to Sussex, England to study Virginia Woolf, and Concord, MA. to reflect on the work of Louisa May Alcott.

In 2019, we plan to go double our pilgrimages offerings. In the summer, we are returning to the UK for two more pilgrimages, Jane Eyre and Pride and Prejudice. We also are planning two shorter retreats as well, with details to be announced soon.